Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Davy Jones ‘Wine’ Locker

Well, just in case you can’t afford a new Eurocave wine refrigerator, there just may be another alternative for you.

How about just dropping your wine into the ocean? How does around 180 feet sound? Why would I say this? Well, if you have not heard, a treasure trove of champagne from the late 1700’s was recently discovered … get this … by a diver. Quite a find considering the water clarity was poor at best.
A Swedish diving team was out exploring an old shipwreck on the Baltic seafloor and discovered about 30 bottles of champagne believed to have been produced by the famed estate Clicquot. A stamp of an anchor on the cork points to Clicquot as the source of the champagne. The wines appeared in fine condition and have been taken to a French lab for authentication.

Discovering the bottles was just not enough for diver Christian Elkstron.
A man after my own heart (from a wine perspective of course), he decided to take a bottle to the surface, pop one, and share it with an associate. According to the diver, “it was fantasic.” The wine still possessed carbonation, sweetness, with oak and tobacco notes. Hiliarious! This guy had the presence of mind to take tasting notes!!

Experts state that each bottle could command up to $69,000. The question is, who owns the rights to this shipwreck and, more importantly, the world's oldest champagne. The current title of the world's oldest champagne is held by Perrier-Jouet, which has two bottles that date to 1825.

A great find.  Now if you will please excuse me, I’m late to scuba lessons. Until next wine…

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