Monday, August 23, 2010

#Cabernet Day -- The View from Orlando

#Cabernet Day is 10 days away and closing fast.  Wine -- The View from Orlando plans to keep #Cabernet Day positioned squarely in the headlights of its readers through a series of relevant posts in the days leading up to the event, coverage of Orlando-area #Cabernet Day activities on September 2nd, and post-#Cabernet-Day interviews with owners of engaged wine stores/bars.

Between now and #Cabernet Day, we will develop and post reviews of the varietals and blends covered by #Cabernet Day and some of the non-Napa, non-Bordeaux regions producing stellar products with these varietals. The intent is to highlight the factors that contribute to making these regions quality #Cabernet producers.

On #Cabernet Day, we will visit all of the participating establishments in the area and tweet from those sites.  In the evening I will attend and cover the @wineontheway, 12-vintage, Shafer Hillside Select vertical tasting while my colleague HlyTerroir will attend and cover the events at the @thewinebarn Insignia and Backus vertical tastings.  After these large events I will continue to make the rounds of other participating establishments, tasting and tweeting as I go (I will have a designated driver.).

Post September 2nd, we will publish posts detailing our experiences on that day.  Further, I will interview establishment owners to gain their perspectives on the day and will develop blog posts centered on those interviews.


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