Friday, December 26, 2014 announces 42-wine Sine Qua Non tasting

I recently wrote "Orlando is Boonesville when it comes to wine events, so residents who want great wine experiences are on their own." Well (Full disclosure: I buy wines from these guys) has just rubbed egg all over my face by announcing what they describe as "arguably the greatest domestic wine event ever" -- a tasting of 42 Sine Qua Non (SQN) wines, to be held at Luma in Winter Park on January 31, 2015.

This is a breathtaking undertaking given the number of wines, the elevated esteem of this estate, the prices that the wines command at auction, and the relative stature of the company putting on the event. As Adam ( co-proprietor ) describes it, he and his dad were some of the earliest members on the SQN list (If your kid were born today, he/she would be in college before you would make it onto the list) and have doggedly taken their allocations through the years, thus making this event possible.

The lineup of wines to be tasted is shown in the table below. The whites will be served in a "meet and greet" setting while the reds will be tasted in flights based on year of production. I am rubbing my hands together rather vigorously right now.

2008 Kolibri
    2004 Poker Face Syrah
2006 Noble Man Chardonnay
2009 On the Lam
    2004 Into the Dark Grenache
2006 The Strawman Roussanne
2010 The Monkey
    2004 Ode to E Syrah
2007 To the Rescue Grenache
2011 The Moment
    2004 Ode to E Grenache
2008 Jinete Bajo Roussanne
2012 In the Abstract
    2005 Atlantis Fe 203 1A Syrah

2012 Pearl Clutcher
    2005 Atlantis Fe 203 2A Grenache

    2005 11th Nail in my Cranium Syrah

    2005 The Naked Truth Grenache

    2006 Raven Series Syrah

    2006 Raven Series Grenache

    2006 A Shot in the Dark Syrah

    2006 In the Crosshairs Grenache

    2007 Labels Syrah

    2007 Pictures Grenache

    2007 Dangerous Birds Syrah

    2007 Dangerous Birds Grenache

    2008 B-20 Syrah

    2008 The Line Grenache

    2008 The Duel Syrah

    2008 The Duel Grenache

    2009 Upside Down Grenache

    2009 The Thrill of Stamp Collecting Syrah

    2009 This is NOT an Exit Grenache

    2009 This is NOT an Exit Syrah

    2010 Five Shooter Grenache

    2010 Five Shooter Syrah

    2010 Stockholm Syndrome Grenache

    2010 Stockholm Syndrome Syrah

    2011 Dark Blossom Grenache

    2011 Dark Blossom Syrah

    2001 Midnight Oil Syrah

    2002 Just for the Love of it Syrah

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