Monday, July 5, 2010

Imperial Wine Bar: Tasting the Wines

In my previous post, I described the the new wine-bar-in-an-antique-store, Imperial.  I have visited the establishment on three occasions and, while there, have tasted four separate wines.  On my first visit I tasted the '06 Three Saints Cabernet and the Von Strasser ‘Eye of the Diamond’ Rose of Cabernet. The '06 Three Saints Cabernet is a slightly scaled-down version of the '07 Caymus so if you like fruit-forward, new-world treats, give the Three Saints a try. The second wine, the Rose, was a delight to the palate, a summer sipper that brings great pleasure. The nose was a stimulation of minerality, pear, and peach notes. A perfect wine for a warm summer day or night.

On my second visit to Imperial I went for the entry-level Merlot. This Washington-state Merlot is made by the well-known winemaker Charles Smith and is aptly named Velvet Devil.  The wine has a plush velvet feel on the palate, plenty of oak, and buckets of black cherry.  Unfortunately, the wine does not hold your attention. Though, I must note any newbie to the wine world would enjoy this offering.

On my third visit to Imperial I decided that the weather was right to sip a Pinot Noir. Imperial was able to exceed my expectations with the '07 Celara. This is the entry-level Celera rather than one of their acclaimed single-vineyard offerings.  The wine, a bit tight initially, really began to display it’s full potential within a short time. The nose began to unfold notes of earth, porcini dust, ginger (I’m not kidding), dried strawberries, and some subtle char. On the palate, smoke, black cherry, shiitake mushroom, and strawberry. This is really good and, at $13 a glass, it should be. The Celera may be a bit pricey to drink all night, but is definitely worth a taste.

If you want to head out with a few friends for a relaxing time, stop in at Imperial and give these suggestions a try. Until next wine…

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  1. Great spot...really close to home which is a bonus! Thanks for the tips on their selections.