Monday, February 8, 2010

Age, it's just a number....

It’s not everyday that you get to partake in something special. A rare treat that is too precious to ever be taken for granted. Serious wine drinkers are all familiar with the '82 Bordeaux vintage. I have been aware of it ever since I began drinking seriously 7 years ago. You know, the year that critics state will rank up there as one of the greatest Bordeaux vintages ever. Well, the only thing I wasn’t aware of is, what does one of those '82 Bordeaux’s taste like?

Isn’t it nice to have generous friends? People who will do something special for their friends without having to be bribed, coerced, or threatened in any way? Recently, Keith opened up his beautiful home for a special event in Orlando. It was Keith’s birthday and he made sure that it would be a memorable one. As a guest at his party I would say it was more than memorable.

What was so memorable you ask? Well, lurking in the dark depths of his cellar was a bottle of Bordeaux quietly, patiently waiting its turn to dazzle our palates. A bottle of '82 L’Evangile Pomerol to be exact. Keith pulled out the monumental bottle and held it up so we could get a good look at the label. This sucker had a label that could tell its own story. A label that looked somewhat haggard and weathered from all the humidity it had been exposed to all these years. Like the velveteen rabbit that you still love more than anything in this world regardless of how tattered. Like a pro athlete in championship game leaving everything on the field and the uniform to prove it. That’s what came to mind as I gazed fervently at this bottle.

Keith cautiously and meticulously removed the capsule with surgical precision. We all watched patiently as he carefully poured it into the decanter. I kept a close eye on it, anxious to place a glass to my lips.

I truly feel sorry for anyone at the party who did not get the chance to spend sometime with this wine. I was almost a victim. I got caught up in stimulating conversation with some of the interesting guests and when I turned to look at the decanter it was almost empty. My eyes widened. I moved into strike position and spoke up. Yes, it worked! Now, carefully, I hold the L’Evangile as though it was some magical elixir. I didn’t drink it initially. Instead, I held the glass up to my nose, intermittently evaluating the perfume in order to identify the complex scents. This worship went on for five minutes slowly building to a crescendo. Today was the L'Evangile's day to shine and shine it did.

The look of the label was deceiving for there was no sign of malaise anywhere inside this bottle. In fact, I never would have guessed this was an 82’ based on the beautiful color.
The L’Evangile had a gorgeous red hue with some bricking on the meniscus, but no more than any other 10-year-old bottle of Bordeaux. Very impressive for a 28-year-old bottle of wine. The wine spent approximately 30 minutes in the decanter before tasting.

The nose was exquisite and complex. It exhibited a silkiness intertwined with an array of red and black fruits. The palate was not as expressive and silky but still very captivating. Some black tea and red fruits topped with a subtle smooth layer of smokiness.

This was a wonderful bottle of wine.

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