Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Wine Barn's tribute to Grenache, "the unsung hero of the red wine world"

The Wine Barn (@thewinebarn, winebarn.net) will celebrate International Grenache Day by hosting 18 customers for a tasting of 12 Grenache/Grenache-based wines on Friday, September 24th at 6:00 pm.  International Grenache day will be celebrated all over the world and, by hosting this tasting, The Wine Barn will be extending the Orlando area's string of robust participation in these national/global varietal-celebration events.

The theme for the celebration has been set by the Grenache Association but The Wine Barn also wanted to honor the work done by the organizers and delegates at the Grenache Symposium by following in their footsteps.  At the Symposium, the delegates had tasted a wide range of Grenache/Grenache-based wines from a variety of regions.  Most of the wines were of recent vintage but the delegates were also treated to an old Grenache in the form of a 1952 Chateau de la Gardine, a 100% Grenache.  The Wine Barn tasting will follow this theme.

Most of the wines for the tasting will be drawn from the Symposium tasting catalog and all of the major Grenache-producing areas will be represented.  No 1952 Chateau de la Gardines are available on the market (the ones tasted by the Grenache Symposium delegates were donated by the Chateau) but a suitable old Grenache will be included to match up to the structure of the Symposium tasting. 

The Wine Barn tasting will be blind. The cost of participation is $25 which includes a selection of charcuterie and cheeses.  Tasting participants will have a chance to share with other celebrants around the world through the magic of Twitter. 

Don't forget to wear your loud-colored shirt.

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