Friday, April 30, 2010

A Bridge Too Far??

Great news. After a year of perfect weather, it appears the 2009 Riesling vintage will potentially go down in history as a truly great vintage. Once again it appears as though the savvy wine drinker will be able to find wine of superior quality at an excellent value. In fact, even the reds appear to be of high quality! Who ever drinks German reds? Can you say heiss verdammt? Everybody, lets all celebrate, woo hoo!!

Wait… …wait a minute…, what???

What did you say?!? An autobahn bridge? Did you say something about a bridge?!?

Where?… across the Mosel river??? Do I understand this correctly?!? A bridge through some of the most heralded and celebrated Riesling vineyards in the world??? Vineyard sites that go back to the 1800’s with quality that can not be duplicated? Let’s not forget the history of wine production in this region that spans back to the Roman times. They know this? …right?!?

Oh, they’re not concerned? Do they know about the delicate ecosystem?

No?!? What delicate ecosystem you ask??? You know, the natural irrigation system where rain water is carefully stored and preserved in the delicate shale, then dispenses slowly down into the valley to feed the demanding vines, creating a winemaking utopia.

They must know the ecosystem can be permanently altered by this… …right?!?

Oh, but the bridge will help shorten the trip from Belgium and Holland? Schizer!! Then what the heck am I complaining about? I’m way out of line here!

Once again in the good name of growth and prosperity come’s the impending consequences from decisions made by the powers that be. The estimated $360 million project promises that it will stimulate the area's economy and tourism. That’s all the politican’s seem to care or focu$ on. It appears the only people aware of the greatness of this region live outside of Germany. With the negative effect on some of the most world renowned vineyards at stake, it appears as though the legislators have turned a deaf ear. Well, they are about to get an earful. Quick, cue the intro music!! Like an assemblance of the Justice League, preparing for an epic battle versus the Legion of Doom, a group of prominent wine writers the likes of Hugh Johnson, author of "The World Atlas of Wine," Stuart Pigott, and critic Jancis Robinson will be joined by former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer to discuss a strategy. Want to help?
Add your voice to help stop the bridge by emailing German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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