Friday, April 23, 2010

2006 Dominus, The Right Place At The Right Time

I had an exciting opportunity at the Wine Barn today. I walked in to casually check out their latest selections. So what do I catch out of the corner of my eye, none other than an open bottle of the 2006 Dominus quietly resting in the wine dispenser. I figured it was an empty bottle, so I asked, "how was the Dominus?" Gary Tupper, the sales manager replied, "ahhh, lets find out." Nice! This is only my second rodeo with the likes of the Dominus. My last experience was an 02’ of which I had greedily consumed an entire bottle. For some reason I do not feel a need to apologize for my selfish ways. Ok, truth be told I was all alone, but to enjoy the bottle with another wine enthusiast would have only enhanced the experience.

It is always fun to share those fine wine moments with someone who shares a similar passion, as you sit back and discuss the vintage, wine-making techniques and characteristics of the wine. Gary had some left over from their weekend wine throw down. It was opened on Saturday but kept cool in their wine dispenser, patiently waiting a turn to reward a lucky patron’s palate. Hey, who better than me, right? Ok, don’t answer that. As I swirl the wine, I try to regain my composure, excited by this rare opportunity to try this critically acclaimed wine. Those familar with Dominus know that it is owned by Christian Moueix of Chateau Petrus fame. Hello!!! I commented to Gary on how I was struggling to get anything on the nose. Gary chimed in, ‘no kidding, feel how cold that wine is.’ Oh my, time to get my two hands around the body of the glass.

As the wine slowly warms up, chiming in are notes of cedar, basil, and sage followed by hints of oak. A solid start. On the palate I find an herbal component that marries beautifully with the plum and tea flavors. As I swish the wine fervently around my palate I pick up additional subtle hints of that velvety French oak off in the distance. The wine finishes a scosh tart. All in all a very well made wine. I would have liked to have seen a little more weight on the palate and a tad more fruit, but, again, this is day two so my assessment may not be 100% accurate. Gary says this is ‘classic 2006,’ with its hallmark high tannin and high acidity. 2006 was difficult year for many producers, a bit cooler and less sunlight. Gary felt this favored wines like Dominus that emulate more of a Bordeaux profile and not the over-extracted, high-alcohol style. I would have loved to have tasted this wine the first day it was opened. Give this a few more years. $95.99. 96 points Robert Parker.

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