Monday, July 26, 2010

Wine Lovers" #Cabernet Day Survival Guide

On Thursday, September 2nd, wine lovers are being invited to a worldwide, social-network-facilitated celebration of Cabernet Sauvignon, the king of grapes. On that day, individuals will share Cabernet Sauvignon wines in local environments and, through the connectivity afforded by social networks, with like-minded individuals around the block and around the world. On that day, any entry on a social network which includes the term #Cabernet will be shared with other members of the network who are monitoring that stream.

Wine lovers will experience this event in any number of ways: at home alone; at home with friends; at wine retailers; at wine bars; at wineries; at restaurants; or at some type of special event.  Given the amount of time allocated to the worship of this varietal, the aforementioned venues are not mutually exclusive.  If you do intend to enjoy the event away from the confines of your home, in a bar-hop, for example, please consider the use of a designated driver.

Your objectives for the day should be to have fun and, in so doing, honor the varietal.  You will Connect, Imbibe, and Share with other Cabernet lovers, both locally and globally.  It is recommended that you bring your own social network access tools (phone, iPad, etc.) if you are participating out of the home in order to ensure that you can comment, reflect, and share on your own time and pace.

At the event, once you have signed in, you should let the world know where you are and an approximation of the number of people there.  You should let the world know what wines you are opening and what you are experiencing.  Feel free to comment on what others are saying, both locally and virtually, as the data streams go by.  Be sure to include the term #Cabernet in all of your comments in order to ensure that your communication is included in the relevant stream.  Include the term #CSOrlando to allow us to capture metro-Orlando participation.

All in all, have fun and enjoy #Cabernet Day safely.

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