Monday, February 15, 2010

The Country Club of Orlando -- Tastings New Home?

On this past January 14th, Augustan Wine Imports held its first ever Winter Producer Tour, an event which brought 21 of the leading domestic winemakers together under a single roof for the express purpose of displaying their wares to the industry in a small-group format. The venue for the Orlando portion of this event was The Country Club of Orlando. On Thursday, March 4th, the Bond Estate Winery Tasting will be held at The Country Club of Orlando. Do these occurrences signal that The Country Club is now the home of high-profile tastings in the Orlando area?

I posed this question to an industry insider who said that The Club had a number of advantages which made it attractive as such. First, it is neutral ground. Many store owners will not go to a tasting that is held at a store other than theirs but have no problem mingling with their compatriots on neutral territory. Second, The Club is centrally located and easily accessed by shop owners across the region. Third, The Club has a visionary as its Food and Beverage Manager.

To these advantages I would add beautiful scenery, eye-pleasing architecture, stunning appointments, copious parking, valet parking, and lots of room.

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  1. that tasting was pretty amazing, although for the most part i was underwhelmed by a lot of what was poured. especially for big names like lail, shafer and staglin. everybody was extremely friendly.